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Auto Dealers in Connecticut - New & Used Autos

Looking for a new or used auto dealer in Connecticut?

Finding an auto dealer in CT should be an easy task as they seem to be all over the place - from the big names to the mom and pop places. So it isn't a question of where can you find a dealer, but more of a question of what make and model vehicle are you in search of? What makes best sense for your personal wants and needs and most important - wallet?

Regardless, the bottom line is that you should be informed before making your investment in your next new or used vehicle. For example, you should look at vehicle reviews, safety ratings, crash test ratings, and gas mileage. We provide a great deal of this auto buying and selling information on our website, but there is an even greater deal of auto information online. We placed a few important links below that you may find useful in buying your next new or used vehicle in CT.

And if you are not sure where to find a local new or used car dealer in your local CT area, simply use our search tool either on our home page or on the left side of every page of our web site. You may also see their banner ads in various areas of our website.


Here are some useful auto buying & selling tools:


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Provides very helpful safety information on many vehicles.

Used Car Buying Tips
Provides some used auto car buying tips that may be helpful in your next used car purchase.

How To Sell a Used Car
Tips on how to sell your used car in various areas that prove to work - including print classifieds and online venues.  Includes FREE SAMPLE BILL OF SALE which is an important document needed to sell your vehicle.

How To Buy a Used Car
How to buy a used car and do your best to avoid any potential scams.  Best online advice with a 6-step road map to buying a used car.

Government Sponsored Car Buying FAQs
FTC provided insight into car buying.  Provides all kinds of tips and strategies for new and used car buying.  Includes marketing information that teaches you how to read between the marketing lines in auto advertisements.

Lemon Law Information
Information on the Lemon Law and how it pertains to automobiles in Connecticut.

Kelly Blue Book - Car Value Guide
Provides new, used and trade-in values for autos - including invoice and MSRPs.

Car Buying Strategies
Tips for buying a new car.  Want a good price but don't want to haggle with the sales person and sales manager?  This information will prepare you for dealing with this and lessen the hassle of auto purchasing.

Consumer Reports
Find out all kinds of information on new and used cars, reviews, reports and much auto buying decision making information.

CarFax Reports
Auto history check.  Considered a first step by many in purchasing a used automobile.


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